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Personas and Prespectives

The innovation capability of an organization is grounded in the capabilities of the employees and enabled by the presence of specific perspectives known to enable and drive innovation.  The assessment evaluates the presence of these key personas within the organization.  The personas are categorized into learning personas, organizational personas, and building personas and based on the model from Ideo and published in The 10 Faces of Innovation, Kelly & Littman (2005).
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Learning personas gather new sources of information to expand knowledge and challenge established worldviews.
  • The Anthropologist – Ventures into the field to bring new learning and insights into the organization by observing human behavior and developing a deep understanding of how people interact physically and emotionally with products, services, and spaces.  Extremely good a re-framing a problem.
  • The Experimenter - prototypes new ideas continuously, learning by a process of enlightened trial and error. The experimenter talks calculated risks to achieve success through a state of experimentation as implementation.
  • The Cross-Pollinator – explores other industries and culture and then translates those findings and revelations to fit the unique need of their situation. Draws associations and connections between seemingly unrelated ideas or concepts.
Organizing personas know how to move an idea forward withing the structure and confines of an organization and serve to transform raw concepts into executable plans, supported programs, and delivered products and services.
  • The Hurdler – knows the path to innovation is strewn with obstacles and develops a knack for overcoming or outsmarting those roadblocks.
  • The Collaborator – helps bring eclectic groups together, of often leads from the middle of the pack to create new combinations and multidisciplinary solutions. Works across boundaries to focus on shared objectives.
  • The Director – gathers together talented cast and crew and helps to spark their creative talents. Helps set the stage, set priorities, and focus efforts.
Building Personas – Apply the insights from the learning roles and channel the empowerment from the organizing role to make innovation happen.
  • The Experience Architect - designs compelling experience that go beyond mere functionality to connect at a deeper level with customer’s latent or expressed need.
  • The Set Designer – creates a stage on which innovation team members can do their best work, transforming physical environments into powerful tools to influence behavior and attitude.
  • The Caregiver – builds on the metaphor of the health care professional to deliver customer care in a manner that goes beyond mere service.
  • The Storyteller – builds both internal and external awareness through compelling narratives that communicate a fundamental human value or reinforce a specific cultural trait.

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