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Engagement Model

We offer both fixed priced deliverables as well as general consulting services priced according to scope of work and duration of engagement.  

Our fixed priced deliverables have a defined structure, timeline, and price.  Example of these include organizational assessments, executive briefings, and workshops, and are typically scheduled events. 

selectionOur general management consulting service fees are based upon a statement of work and duration of the engagement.  The statement of work will define tasks and activities, timelines, milestones, deliverables, and allocated hours. Work progresses under the guidance and review of a named executive sponsor.  Fee's are based on an hourly rate as determined by the overall scope of work, and are billed according to the model utilized, as described below.  Generally, the longer the period of engagement, and the greater number of hours contracted, the lower the hourly rate.

Part-time Engagements are short duration projects.  Rates are hourly based and billed according to the actual hours utilized during a billing period.

Fractional Engagments involve an extended period of time in which a fixed number of hours per month are allocated for the client. Consultants may work both on-site and remotely, and travel to the clients facility or other destinations as desired. Rates for fractional engagements represent a significant discount from part-time hourly rates, but involve a contractual commitment for a set number of hours over an extended period of time.  Billing is done monthly, on a retainer basis for the requested number of hours.

Full Time Engagements utilize the consultant for an extended period of time in which the consultant functions as a full timed salaried employee available and working on behalf of client's interest 100% of the time included in the client's normal work week. Temporary relocation to the Client's location can be supported if the consultant needs to be on site 100% of the time.  Full time engagements require a contractual commitment over an extended period of time.  Payments are made according to the clients normal payroll cycle.

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