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Enhanced Organizational Competence

Do you always seem to be chasing your competitors with results that are late to market and over budget? Do you always find yourself in reactive fire fights with too many conflicting priorities? 
Our Innovation Management services are focused on helping you accelerate your time to market and get more from your current resources by improving your organization's efficiency in delivering new innovations.  We identify weak spots in your current operations and guide implementation of needed improvements to provide the greatest impact for the least amount of effort.
  • Our Innovation Capability Assessment provides a complete holistic snap-shot of your current organizational capabilities, serving as a base line for planning appropriate interventions needed for improvement. 
  • Our Product Manager Education Services work to advance the skills and knowledge of those responsible for driving innovation in your firm's, increasing your overall effectiveness in innovation activities.
  • Our General Consulting Services addresses core issues of innovation selection and evaluation, program definition, product development processes, and portfolio management systems to assure you are applying the right resources to the right opportunities.

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