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Professional Product Manager Education

New products are the life-blood of a contemporary thriving business and requires staff that know the why, what, and how of new product creation.  Product Managers often serve as the focal point role for new product and service activities with responsibility for guiding the related innovation activities within the firm. This is a complex cross-function role that spans the various boundaries of an organization. We often find individuals in this role have limitation in certain areas. Our product management training and coaching services are focused on developing the knowledge and skills needed by product managers. The result is an improvement in organizational competencies in regard to delivering new innovations.
NPDP NPDP (New Product Development Professional) certification training provides Product and Market Managers with foundational knowledge and education in the seven critical areas required for success.  This prestigious certification is developed and offered by the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), the number one global practitioner and academic driven, independent non-profit organization, for advancing end-to-end new product development and management. knowledge, wisdom, and expertise.
The credential is based upon an internationally recognized body of knowledge covering seven critical knowledge domains needed for successful new product innovation.
As a PDMA Registered Education Provider, our certification workshop prepares individuals to sit for the NPDP certification exam, and our more in depth training courses serve to address any gaps in knowledge, skills and abilities.  For more information on NDPD certification requirements see NPDP.   Contact us for more information on our specific course offerings, venues, and schedule.
We are now in process of creating an on-line product manager academy for training in the soft skills needed for success as a product manager.

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