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Business Consulting and Advisory Services

Our general consulting and advisory services are designed to compliment and extend our other offerings and are focused on addressing issues related to new product efforts.  Specific areas and topics include:
  • Business, market, and product strategy;
  • Innovation strategy and charter. 
  • Strategic alignment across the organization.
  • Idea generation, selection, and management.
  • Program definition, analysis, and planning.
  • New product governance practices (stage-gate).
  • Portfolio management.
  • Development practices (agile). 
  • Product management function.
  • Commercialization and launch processes. 
Consulting and advisory services are customized to the specific and unique requirements of each individual client with a focus on improving the ROI on investment in new product efforts.  Engagement ranges from addressing a specific task or problem to generalized interim executive services, where we work full time as a contract employee.  The latter is often used to provide the initial leadership needed to structure a new initiative or fill a specific knowledge gap in staffing needs.  This service as includes fractional executive services, where services are provided in less than full time, but on an extended basis. 

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