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Business Model Innovation: Training & Advisory Service

Your Business Model is the blueprint for your business and defines how your business operates to create and deliver your value proposition.  Defining the proper business model is therefore critical to success. Business Model innovation is emerging as an area of significant opportunity as returns generated from this activity can surpass those of new product introductions.  This is due to its ability to discover both new approaches to delivering value and new previously hidden revenue streams.  We help clients find and exploit these hidden opportunities through our Business Model training and advisory service. 
  • and involves (4) four distinct steps: 
  • Understand the current state of the business and competitive landscape.
  • Assess  your current business model and finding differentiating ways to improve.
  • Validate your ideas with the marketplace.
  • Implement the new model.
 We train your team in the use and application of the Business Model Canvas and related techniques to provide a structured, practical approach to designing and testing business models.  We then provide additional advisory services where we work with your business model innovation project team as the apply the technique to your situation with an approach customized to your specific needs and situation.   (See Business Model Training and Advisory Service.)
  See Business Model Innovation for move information.

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