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Consulting and Advisory Services

consulting2Our innovation capability consulting and advisory services are grounded in three offerings.
(1) Our executive briefings provide an update on the need for innovation, current innovation best practices, and an update on emerging technologies that have the potential to disrupt current practices and industries.
(2) Our Innovation Capability Assessment provides a data-driven, 360-degree analysis of your current capabilities.  This means we examine perspectives from all levels, functions, and aspect of your business, both inside and out, to not only get a snapshot of your current situation, but also identify hidden areas of misalignment that can limit your capabilities.  The results provide the foundation for planning interventions and actions to improve your overall innovation capabilities. 
(3) Based on the findings of the Innovation Capability Assessment, we can work with you to plan and implement needed change and actions.  Depending upon the specific issues identified, we can engage directly or connect you with one of our affiliates that provide expertise in specific topics.   For example, we provide expertise in the areas of value proposition and business model design, as well as portfolio management and governance processes.  Examples of areas serviced by our affiliates include agile process transformation,  or commercialization and sales process improvement.  Whatever the case, we can provide guidance on the next stage of improving your innovation capabilities. 

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