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Who Can Benefit from a Design Effort

You can benefit from Value Proposition Design whether you are creating something from scratch on your own or you are part of an existing organization.  A start-up entrepreneur will deal with different constraints than a product manager within an existing organization.  However, the techniques of Value Proposition Design apply to both contexts.  Depending on your starting point they are executed in different way to leverage different strengths and overcome different obstacles.

NEW VENTURES - Individuals or teams setting out to create a great value proposition and business model from scratch.

new venture Main Challenges
  • Produce proof that your ideas can work on a limited budget.
  • Manage involvement of investors (if you scale your ideas).
  • Risk running out of money before finding the right value proposition and business. model
Main Opportunities
  • Use speedy decision making and agility to your advantage.
  • Leverage the motivation of ownership as a driver for success.

ESTABLISHED ORGANIZATIONS - Teams within existing companies setting out to improve or invent value propositions and business models.

Office Building Main Challenges
  • Get buy-in from top management.
  • Get access to existing resources.
  • Manage cannibalization.
  • Overcome risk aversion.
  • Overcome rigid and slow processes.
  • Produce big wins to move the needle.
Main Opportunities
  • Build on existing value propositions and business models.
  • Leverage existing assets (sales, channels, brand, etc.).
  • Build portfolios of business models and value propositions.

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